I'm not really a fan of "about" pages unless it is to know something about a company. But I still feel the need to give some clarification about my website.

This blog is as old as 2008. Though those entries I have archived as they were from a time when I was not entirely sure what I was doing and was just recording and sharing things about my life. As of 2014, I begin to write for the world. Books and stories were my main focus. But I still missed sharing bits of myself. So I started to write more about my thoughts, experiences, and art.

The three main parts of this blog are:
  • Art: where I talk about my progress and experience
  • Thoughts: self-explanatory, my view of life and all it entails (subjects like philosophy, time, dreams, love, growth)
  • Stories: I like writing about the soul and the stars and the dreams
  • There is also book-related content, but I started to update that on my book log blog as I want to keep this one on a personal level.
The main reason for me to share bits of myself is to make you smile. To make you see that light exists, people's main reason for all they do is love and that dreams do come true.

"Anything you want to do you can do it!"
~Some animals singing over a building in one of my dreams

About this blog

Book blog. Archival of a lifetime. Thinking blog. Stories. Dreams. Wisdom. Magic words.

Life is an adventure and a beautiful mess. The same applies to this blog.

Feel free to explore and wonder.

Images are mainly from http://pexels.com (LOVE it!) or my own art :)

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