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Time has always been an intricate subject that I love to explore. The concept, the idea, the subjectivity.  I often write about time. That which is past. That which is now. And that illusion which we call tomorrow. A while ago I ventured out to conquer time. I decided time will not be wasted when my child is here. That every moment will count and every moment he will be loved. As I did, time slowed down, though those tiny days seem far away, I can truly say they were spent slow and they were spent grateful and loved. The days still pass, and still, every day, I stare at his beautiful happy face and the light in his eyes.

My heart expands with each grateful breath. I learned to live in the now. To sit in silence and feel the gratitude and love I feel towards this life after he has gone to sleep. To enjoy the shores while listening to wise words. To enjoy the time in bed while reading a good book. To enjoy time in the morning to feel strong or creative. I conquered time. I slowed it down, I made it stop. Time is in each breath I take.

Time is but a tool, in my universe, to measure the love, the distance, the joy of the moment. How long ago since I last smiled? How long ago since I last cried? How long ago since I last held them? How long ago since I last texted them to say hello, to let them know I still think about them.

Time is a tool, to measure the moment in which you now live. Are you living fully? Are you lamenting the past? Are you dreaming about the future without taking a single step up? This step, right now, is the only one that exists. The salt, the pepper, the onion, the smells, the mixing, every single step is now. With each step, I measure how much of my love they will consume. Am I present? Am I doing it with love? Or just to get it out of the way?

Time is a tool. So do not hurry time, for time is not to hurry. Time is to be used and used wisely. Time is to used gratefully. For time was given to us to make life worth living. Time was made for us to love and be loved.

For the time being, the entire earth and the boundless sky.”― Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

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