Luminescent Novel Excerpt

This is s short excerpt of my novel. I was just editing this today and reliving this image in my head made me happy. So I am sharing this particular paragraph as a peek of what I am working on. This scene was inspired by a dream I had years ago when I was in college. The picture is how the phoes looked like in my dreams and also in the novel. A few scenes on the novel are inspired by my dreams. It's my desire to share my visions that led me to write it. I want to finish editing it before November when I wish to join NaNoWriMo again. This novel began during NaNoWriMo 2011. Enjoy!
Luminescent; Chapter 4: page 37. Bathing with the phoes
They led her towards a silver door. When she looked closer, the silver came from stone and not metal. When it opened it gave view to a marvelous cave. A big vast beautiful cave filled with green shimmering vegetation everywhere. Some white flowers created contrast among all the green. But green was the predominant color. A beautiful shade of green she could only think about in dreams. Every leaf, every stem, would shine with life of their own. Twinkles played across the top as if stars were captives inside the cave room, it reminded her of the bridge somehow. In the middle, she noted what looked like a pond, but in fact, was a clear wide spring, with water as clear as air. Shea couldn't see it, but she could see some movement inside the clear hollow. A swift movement, just like the one she saw from the mist, but more tangible in comparison.
The phoes began to take off her cape. Shea tried to ask them what were they doing, but they wouldn't answer at all, not even a hiss. So she decided to just go along with it. Soon she was completely stripped, covering her body as much as she could with her arms. She considered how she didn’t felt a hint of cold. The temperature was just perfect. She was taken once more by the hand, something she couldn't get used to. Not because of holding some strange creature’s leaf but because she always feared she would break one of the phoes. They looked as fragile as any flower would. They guided her to enter the translucent spring. She noticed small cascades of energy flowing down from the wall behind her, into it. It was like water, but not as liquid.
As soon as she stepped inside she felt herself being held much in the way water would hold you. But she didn't felt wet or cold. She was dry and perfectly warm. Shea felt a tingling sensation around her body, like small sparks or energy bursting her and there. Some of the phoes gathered with her, and with what seemed much like a sponge, they began to bathe her. Shea couldn't help but giggle at the sensation. And even though the phoes had no expression or voice, she could feel they were enjoying it as well. She figured if they couldn’t communicate like her, she could at least read them, just to feel more comfortable and certain about their intentions.

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