On addictions

Here is for a random entry. Why? Because I feel like writing since I haven't done so in a while. I am giving art classes to a 7 year old. Today I don't have to, which is sad because it mean $40 less in my wallet. And I was looking forward to it. I really enjoy doing that. Oh well. My life as far as I can write publicly, has been ok. Normal days here and there, tougher days here and there, wonderful days everywhere. Been slaking on art, just don't feel inspired. But blaming goonzu on it. And yush, I can admit I'm an addict. But not really, I don't have problem stop playing, if there was something better for me to do on Internet right now. But since that's not the case, I am quiet active in game right now. Loving my town and friends there.

I don't get out much, practically never, unless someone drags me out, which usually I respond with an instant yes if I'm not busy. Guess I'm not your typical girl, never been, never will be. It has come to my attention that I'm not as crazy as I thought, daring, yes, crazy? Not sure. Goonzu has some funny stories around it, and I just notice I'm a plain good girl that just like being nice to everyone unless they really ask for a kick in their but. I will stop being fully active in 2 months or less. Probably till the last day I can. Not because of my addiction to the game, but because I am growing fond of some people there and I just can't help it. XD is like when someone is addicted to MSN or chatting. That's more my case than the game itself. And the game is not GREAT, it's the people that makes it interesting. If you can take insanity and drama and just enjoy it from afar? Then you have no problem playing long. If you are part of the insanity and drama, you will be on a constant wave of quiting and changing places. If you just can't stand it, you will probably leave before being level 60. In my case, I'm rather neutral. I know people here and there, know some flaws and some virtues. And openly say if I dislike it and that's it. But would be funny if I could actually recollect the stories behind all the goonzu drama. I could indeed, I have my connections, but it would take me quiet a time of organizing and planning.

I've been playing for 2 years now. Been wanting to try other games but just the thought of having to start over makes me lazy. And then the people, I am too attached to them! I'm doomed! I do wonder though, how we will miss each other once we all stop playing little by little. Is not like we are kids in our school years doing some gaming to fill up worthless TV time. Most of us around our 20's, reaching 25's and if we don't get home or computer related jobs, we will stop playing soon enough. Such is my case. I am actually exited to quit playing because the reason I will do so it's more than the job itself, it's all that comes with it. Like a whole little girl's fantasy becoming true. And I can't say I will stop by the game and visit form time to time, because I'm not sure how much access I will have yet. Once I'm working and see the time and access then I will see how often I can log in.

It will be like Final Fantasy retreat symptoms all over again! -snif- I play FF for like... 8 years of my life. Once they stop doing the PS2 versions, I knew my FF life was over and done for. I still miss it so much! Listening and watching to the videos here and there still makes me happy and remember that time when I would just sit with my brothers and play for hours long. I miss doing that with them. Was a fun time of my life. I save those play discs like treasure! No one is allowed to touch them or take them without my consent. I still have my FFVIII original discs from back in 1998. I remember my brother was the one who introduced it to me. He bought it cause the graphics were cool, (back then they were the best) and I end up spending long hours after school, from 5pm to 1am if possible on weekends. I would even dream about it every night, I still do sometimes. They like scars in my memory! Just like Stargate SG:1.

I spent around the same time watching the whole Stargate series as Final Fantasy. But Stargate was once a week, my Friday night. It was sacred, like my own time, no one was allowed to take form me. Every night at 10PM I will lay on my bed and watch it. Once it was daylight saving time change, it became 11PM, by which I would fall asleep and not watch. So I even bought a VCR to record it every week faithfully. I remember one night was the season finally of season... 4? I was on a school trip, so I left it recording. But it fail, and I am ashamed to say that I cried when I found out. I had dial up connection, so I couldn't say like "well I search it on line". But it was the season the kill my favorite character, and I was clueless as of what happened. And I didn't saw season 5 faithfully because of that. Once in Season 6, I went at it again. I was a Stargate junkie. I was a final fantasy junkie, and now a goonzu junkie. But that stage will also be over soon, and as I write, I'm preparing myself mentally to be detached from it once again. Not all good things must come to and end, but those non-productive one have to. Although I can't say Goonzu wasn't productive. I learned a lot form that stupid game, and meet a lot of people, and how everyone is so different. Above all, friendship, believe it or not. I might write about that one day. Because the friends I made there, although few, are timeless.

she writes