26 October 2009

Friday’s Sketch [01]

Today I decided to start on a small project a long with my blog. It’s call Friday’s sketch. You will be participating of this little project and sharing with me and the world.

I always loved writing prompts, specially inspiring ones. But nowadays I’ve noticed many of those places I used to visit either closed or abandoned. That saddens me as I loved them. It was a good way to share blogs, experiences, thoughts, views and so much more. Now we have other means, but the prompts used to be so much fun. there are many more out there. But none satisfy my need anymore. So I decided to make my own, which I always wanted to.
Every Friday I will post something you must reflect upon. You can leave a comment in the entry with the link to your answer. I will be reading all of them and even answering them, as I love doing so very much.

You can use drawings, pictures, words, songs, whatever it might be to answer the reflecting question, quote or whatever it might be that I post.
Today’s reflection is: 
A few months ago, I saw the Last Lecture from Randy Pausch. It changed my life forever. Inspiring me to follow my long childhood dream. I remembered what I would answer when people ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Regarding the common expectations at that age, you would normally answer common jobs like nurse, teacher, veterinarian, and so on. I would say either artist or teacher but in my mind, I would always think, “I just want to make people smile with my art”. My one and true passion. And since that day I’ve done so many things in order to accomplish that. Right now I’m on the waiting phase, and just enjoy my time now, letting the Universe now take charge of that one dream I have. Thing is, I’ve always done it, it’s my drive, so it’s not exactly a goal. What is a goal though, is that I wish to do it for a living. I want to make it my life style.
  • Do you remember your childhood true dream?
  • Is it possible to achieve it?
  • Have you achieved it, not planning to, or are in the process of?
  • How would your life change if you achieve it? Can you see yourself after if?
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