us the copycats

Isn’t it ironic? We, as writers, often struggle to find our unique voice. A voice which the world is willing to listen to (or read). A voice which is capable of conquering barriers and in a way leave the world slightly better. Yet, here in Medium, more often than not, I find my feed flooding with the same sort of posts.
  • How to be more productive.
  • 10 ways to start your morning.
  • How to be creative.
  • 10 things successful people do when waking up.
  • Is that cake making you sick?
  • How to gain more followers.
  • Ect. Ect.
If there is one type of post I dread since Marc & Angel Hack Life became popular, is posts about lists.

Yes, I hate lists.

I’ve tried writing them myself in order to give some structure to my thoughts, thus increase readership. I just could not put that final dot each and every time.

Why? Because I try to put myself in the reader’s perspective. As a reader, I want to read stories. I want to read why people are the way they are and achieve the things they achieve.

When I see a list, my brain immediately scans through the first part of each sentence or bullet point. So, if there is a list, chances are I will read the first 3 words, or header and skip to the next.

Why? Because it is most likely I already read them all in different ways, from different people, at different places. So, in the end, no, I do not read your list.

Here I am. Quite the novice in writing compared to many. Refusing to follow the crowd. Settling to a lower reader count.

Why? Because I know that those 10 readers did read my story. Because I do not write for the lazy. I do not write for the one in a hurry. I write for those who wish to know more. I write for those who wish to be inspired. I write to bring a bit of calm in the daily hectic life. For those who wish to experience something new.

I even have a role model. Here in Medium, your very own Hengtee Lim from Snippets. His stories are unique, they always bring me to the moment. I read them slowly and in peace. There is a zen-like rhythm to his words, and that feeling is exactly what I wish to convey in the end through my own writing.

Writing which brings you to the moment. Makes you appreciate the ordinary. Beautiful writing which makes a difference. Though I do not write every day, sometimes not every week, I still seek to write in meaningful ways.

To bring something new to the world, I seek to write with diversity.

she writes