Seeking less in a world that offers more

The moment I decided to come to the Netherlands once and for all, my first question simply was, “what do I do with all my stuff?” And I had a lot of stuff. Hoarded, granted. But it was a lot of stuff and it was all my stuff.

I had countless of boxes filled with magazines waiting to be teared apart and to be used in the next big art project. There were always big art projects. Then, there were the big art projects behind my clothing rack. Canvases filled with color and patterns from a time when I used want to be a painter. Piles of books next to my bed which later got moved to my first bookshelf when I could finally afford it. And a box, filled with my journals, countless memories of my younger days.

I used not to think much about it and used to believe an empty clear house was not warm and welcoming. Having no sign of anyone living in it but the maid. Then came The Netherlands. It was a wonder for me how these small houses could accommodate families and children. Before the rise of the American capitalism in Europe, they only bought what was needed. Later on I realized how wonderful it seemed to have a room like Koreans or Japanese do, where they would clear the ground to make space to the living and turn it later into a bedroom for the sleeping. There was always space to create. To sing. To dance. To exercise. To chatter with friends and snacks. To play board games. Anything was possible with the empty canvas of an empty floor.

The smart use of space caught my attention. I daydreamed about the mobile homes. Tiny places filled with just creativity and only that which was necessary to achieve it. Though I still struggle to keep my ‘stuff’ organized, I discovered the magical world of Minimalism. Not that I want to be branded minimalist. Communities and tags seem to carry a heavy discriminating ideal. Either you are it or you are not. So I am reluctant to use such tags for myself. In my case I seek to live simple. Live daily. Live happy. Simply happy. Appreciating what I have. Controlling what I spend. Enjoying it fully when I truly get something. (Thank you Universe for e-readers!)

I still gather notebooks. I don’t think I will be able to stop that. I am in love with the written word too much for this. However, I do try to limit the ‘stuff’. Less decorations, more plants to make the house warm and inviting. Less random colors, more open white. More space for ideas. More time to play as there are less things to clean.

I still have a lot of stuff, mainly things I haven’t found the time to go through. But I am still seeking less and less in a world which is offering me more and more. I want less things so I can have more time for reading, more writing, more time with loved ones, more time with myself. Less time deciding what to wear because my closet is full with 50 outfits. Less time deciding what to cook or what needs cleaning. Less time playing useless games on my phone and more time reading an inspiring or knowledgeable article.

I seek more of less.
I seek always more empty spaces to create. More empty minds to daydream. More empty rooms to dance in. My dream house is white, with a wall made of just windows facing the afternoon sun, illuminating our warm home filled with space to enhance creativity and connectivity.

she writes