Remember to forget.

Who you are. Who you were.


Remember the memories you had as a child. Each wish you made on shooting stars and blowing candles. Each goal you set and made it far.

Remember running care free around the street, barefoot. The heat of the sun hardening your sole. The smell of the pavement and the sounds of summer. Because you were a child, with the right to be free. No one judging you just for running because you could. That moment running where you didn’t need much else but an ice-cream afterwards.


Remember splashing water on your face on those summer days. Soaking your clothes while the adults laughed at your silly games. The fabric felt nice and cool against your warm skin while your body pumped with life with every heartbeat of your racing heart.


Remember climbing fearless on top of trees. Reaching out for want you wanted. Reaching out to the sky. Knowing and believing that if you tried just a bit harder you would reach the moon and conquer it. Grabbing to that piece of life which was rightfully yours.


Then, forget.

Forget the days they stopped you from running. With the only valid reason egotism of the image, to be in shape and to be the best. Whatever happened to running just for the sake of running?


Forget falling down from the tree and lying in pain. Once upon a time, you used to bounce back up and continued playing your silly games. -Which were not so silly back then.- Forget the fear stopping you from climbing again. Once you did not care, so why would you now?


Forget the rules of the adult world which no one really understand. Forget your phone at home. Forget the next meeting. Forget the pain. Forget the worry. And live like that child you once were, for just one day.

And remember.

Remember how it used to be. To be able to reach high, though you were small. That fact has never changed. If anything, you stand taller, and the sky is still limitless. That piece of life which is rightfully yours is still yours to take.

And forget.

Forget you have grown and pretend for a second you are that child. Trying, again and again, for the sake of fun.

Just living life.

she writes