On Being Selfish

Though it is quite the paradox that we now live in a connected world, we are yet more disconnected from each other. In fact, we are busier than ever. Constantly running from one place to another. Thinking of ourselves as super humans capable of doing all at once and nothing at all. Ticking each box of our to-do list. An endless assignment which frees your mind from thinking. This, we have come to believe.

In such days where we run from workouts to shopping, to lessons and work, getting kids from school, cooking, cleaning, getting ready to work, rinse and repeat; we… need… to… stop.

Though we are social creatures, it is a given fact that we often need time for ourselves in order to not forget our own essence for the others’. I am not criticizing the giver, as this writer is one herself. However, long ago she learned to give to herself as well as to others. If one does not have anything to give, one must begin with giving to oneself. At some point you will have so much, you will start to give. But not until then.

We all need a breath of time to regain consciousness as to why we do what we do. To breath in gratefulness for all we accomplish with short days. To reward ourselves for hard work. As it is an important fact, in order to give ourselves to others, we must know who are we giving. And if this, who is lost in the many whom, then there is nothing but scraps of papers to give of who you once were or thought you were.

We need to be selfish once in awhile. This writer’s preference being once a week. A cup of tea, a book and a corner by the couch, in silence. A refreshing fruit smoothie (or ice-cream if you wish), sitting on a warm bench under a blazing sun, contemplating like this all the sensations mixed together in one single selfish moment. The cold ice, the hot sun, the humid air and cooling breeze with sounds of life around you.

We need to stop and be selfish for a moment in order to give who we are.

she writes