When We Dream

Dreams are deep in our souls. It is that life we live while our bodies rest. It can be as useful as the waking hours if you know how to use them, or for the lack of words, how to live in them.
They are thought as projections of the mind. Fears and desires. But they are not considered as guidance for life. Your subconscious mind always knows best. It is but in those dark hours in which you are able to fully access it. If you wish. With some practice.

She learned not to fear the depths of the water. She learned to fly at will and that this actually happens when she is the happiest. “Think happy thoughts”, just like in the movie. She learned to listen to words from her love ones and be patient. She gained hope through voices in dreams. She met her destiny in one, and gained the courage to follow it on another. “Everything you want to do you can do it,” shouted the forest’s creatures in a choir before she woke up filled with an endless courage to dare take that one step. The first of many.

Dreams guide us. Yes, they project who we are, what we feel, what we wish. But if we listen carefully, we can make use of this information to reach for what we seek. If we do not know yet what we want, all it takes is but a whisper in a dream.

Her life was built on dreams, for dreams and by dreams, which in the end are her truest reality.

When we learn to dream, we learn to live.

she writes