Daring to be different

It is said that one should fit in the world one lives in. However this is often said by those who are afraid of truly standing out.

There is no cookie cutter for the soul. Not one person in the universe is the same as the next. We all go through different stages of growth. We all experience a different life from the rest. You are the sum of your circumstances and that which you reach for. Not to say that your circumstances will determine who you are, but that they serve a base purpose from where you will expand. And since this is not the same for everyone, not one is the same.

She listened to strange music, they said. She speaks strange words and write things which are hard to comprehend. She is strange. She is very strange. She is kind but she is strange. She is brave but she is strange. Or her favorite, she is a very sweet girl (though truly woman in mind and age) but she is strange. While they all think she is strange, none realize the only difference between them and she, is that she dares to show she can’t fit in. Certainly they have their own peculiarities which make them unique.

So don’t be afraid to be different. Live with no label. Stick true to what you believe. Show the world what makes your heart sing, and never ever be afraid of what others might think.

she writes