Once upon a time in a train

Sad stories, happy stories, funny stories. Many stories beginning and ending with a whistle as the doors close.

A girl says her last goodbye to a family she knew and kiss her first hello to a young boy with whom she would spend the rest of her life. Will they last? Will she come back to her mother’s arm crying of a broken heart? Will she be the one breaking it? Or will they turn white with children of their own to whom they will one day wave goodbye?

There’s the stranger next to you with his deadline battering the keyboard of his outdated laptop. You notice the faded letters of the keys. Perhaps he asks why he is doing what he does. Wondering what is his purpose in life. Looking forward to the next holidays. And living only a fraction of his life.

The excited siblings traveling in a train for the first time. Where would they be going? Would they remember this trip when they grow up? Will it inspire them to become part of the staff? Would they end up loving trains this much? Will they grow out of it and rather decide for the comfort of their own car? Will they become the man with the faded keyboard or the young lover starting a new life? Perhaps something more.

And then, there is you. What do you expect of this day? You stare out of the window with nothing to think. Feel the swing of the train under your sit. Swaying you into an infant’s sleep. You listen to the voices of stranger around you and learn their stories. You wonder what is yours? And many ideas come into your thoughts. So much you could do. You arrive, at your destination, and start your day until you say goodnight.

What have you done?

she writes