When the quiet speaks

The world is full of loud people. Loud people shouting nonsense because this is how they learned to speak. The loud strangers on the streets trying to get you to buy their glory. The loud stranger in the train trying to gain a sit out of a hundred empty ones. The loud person in the room trying to prove his worth. But when you are a quiet person the loudness of the world becomes overwhelming. You feel like drowning in a sea of noise. Wishing it to stop. When it does it is too late. You missed your chance.

We are born to be loud. Born to spread our words wherever we go. However, it is not but in silence that we find our true voice.

Aboy was told he would never catch up. His speech was far behind. So he remained quiet as he slowly learned to speak. Until one day people around him would notice him, needed him and his voice. But more than his voice, they would need his thoughts. Because in the silent years he learned to think and once he learned to speak, to say that which was inside of him. That which was true and worthy of saying, that which was only necessary.

A girl was pointed out as the quietest of them all. When in reality, she could not find that person with whom she could actually talk. But once she did, they were always amazed. “You do speak a lot!” and in her mind, her silent response, “you actually do listen.”

For the quiet are not quiet because they do not have anything to say. But because they know what is going to be said and feel no need to add to it. There is no point while others struggle to be recognized by the voice they raise above the crowd. The quiet thinker is happy to listen. If someone approaches them willing to ask for their thoughts, they will simply not repeat what has already been said. So unless you are willing to ask, what is their opinion about what has been said, do not speak to them.
When the loud speaks, everyone speaks, nobody listens. When the loud speaks it is but a cry. However not always the truth. When the loud speak they mostly say what it is expected of them. When the quiet learn to speak, they know what to say, they know when to listen, and just wish for one single person who would understand the way they think. One person is all they need for the quiet to become loud. And their voice will not be quieted down. As one person listens the crowd approaches, wondering why the loud person is suddenly so quiet. Whatever the quiet has to say must be important. And so, from the quietness of their thoughts, the dreamers, the explorers, the writers, the musicians and the artists are born. From their isolation and their patience to find their voice, those who bring beauty into this world, raise their voices.

she writes