May 2016 Updates : On blog improvements and currently reading

I have not been the most faithful of bloggers these past months. Nor the most faithful reader. Though I fell ill and had to stop running for a while, my time is consumed yet by the acquisition of the language in the Lower lands. As well as new adventures in my occupation. But I’ve been reading everyday since my body decided I needed a rest. And I have to say Pandora’s Star is starting to make sense. Though it took me long to get to where I am actually enjoying it, I wonder if I will be able to take on the rest of the following books. As each book consist of over 600 pages and I am eager to read other stories. However, I am sure I will return to the Commonwealth’s Saga universe after I am done with a couple of books I’ve been intending to read. Specially The Last Star by Rick Yancey!

This reminds me of the time back in my school days where I was devouring the Dune Saga book after book and later to be disappointed that Frank Herbert died without finalizing it. Leaving his son to take on the final manuscripts and reading how it was obviously not Frank Herbert anymore.

In the meanwhile I decided to make some adjustments to the blog and bring it back to life. I won’t spend so much time on in as other bloggers. However, I do intent to write a bit more often than not. I just wish my photo camera was not stolen so I could have taken beautiful imagery from my reading moments. (I am not in possession of the latest mobile phone with great photo camera. But more on that later.)

PS: I can't believe I've been reading this book for 3 months now...

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