Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

a book review

“Maven lies as easily as he breathes, 

and his mother holds his leash but not his heart.”

I was not planning to continue this series. As much as I loved the previous one, I am too familiar with such dystopian stories to figure out what is next.

I did found it, and compulsively bought it. I read it, though slow at first, it managed to hold my attention. I was not thrilled, but entertained. I was not sad, but upset with her. At first with her monologues. The, at her and her endless mean and selfish ways. At her and her selfish heart blinded to those around her, disguised in courage and pride.

I wished with every single page that Maven did cared about her in the end, just being manipulated by his evil mother. In the end my hopes crumbled. The void filled with uncertainty about whether or not I will read the final instalment. Wondering whether I should care or not whether she lives or not. At this point, I would not mind the last.
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