The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

a book review

“Some things exist in our lives for but a brief moment.
And we must let them go on to light another sky.”

I purchased this book some time ago. Though I've been holding before reading it, I am glad for the wait. For the taste was that much sweeter and satisfying after the vanishing of the propaganda. I knew I would enjoy the premise. I did not know if I would enjoy a so called love triangle once more. As I often do not. But this story contained the one element of a love triangle I truly do enjoy, loyalty and honesty. Specially from the female counterpart.

Shahrzad is a strong character from the start. And the fact that she never hesitates, does not lie for her own sake, and is able to fight her battles with her gifted words is what made her a very likeable and admirable character. I often dread stories where the heroine is illogically strong and stubborn. As if the sole purpose of the book is to display acts of strength and stupidity with no plot in thought. In Shazi's case, she was just a very strong woman in a male dominated world and this stirred all the hearts. It reminded me of Pride and Prejudice in a way. Which, by the way, will always remain a favorite.

Khalid however, was the opposite. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Here I refer to his soul. Considered a monster who once was loved, but having known love, did not desist in his hope for it. I do not know of any soul good enough who would not fall for him and his disgrace. Wishing to do anything in their power to bring a smile upon his sun-kissed sleepless face.

Light was brought upon darkness. Regardless of all that is blood, I am glad our heroine stays true to her heart no matter the odds. This makes sense, as a strong character has to have high emotional intelligence. I dreaded to read about her confusion between loving Khalid and Tariq. I was rejoice to read she had no doubt that one love gave way to the other and she had no doubt in her mind that she would do anything to stop the suffering of this new love. This determination is what made me love this story so much.

Do go buy it. Enjoy it in one go. It is simple to read and you won't regret it. Love and light versus vengeance and darkness. Two equals found each other in order to bring balance to their kingdom. And I can absolutely say I am static in the waits of the upcoming sequel this May. Happy as well, it is only a story two books long, if written for adults, it would have been just one.

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