Long ago I saw Jupiter through a telescope. It has always been my wish to look through one towards the endless sky. Though I am in love with Saturn’s rings, seeing Jupiter stirred something inside of me. The way it floated in the dark vastness of space, so gentle, so small in my eyes. In my mind, bigger than I could possibly imagine. So far away. So elegant. So strong. My world shrank. My imagination expanded. If such a beautiful stranger could live so far away up there, certainly I could also create beautiful strange things to stretch in space and time. The proof that something beyond myself exists out there. The expansion of my mind through a lens towards a celestial body far away. We are so small but capable of enormous things. One day I’ll see Saturn, my love. I’ll see Neptune, the king of the sea. I’ll see Venus and Mars and comets passing by. Jupiter, you were my first, but you shall not be my last.

she writes