Winter by Marissa Meyer

a book review
There are very few YA series which actually make me live their stories. Most of the time I feel they were done childishly and with the ultimate goal in mind of just selling more books with one story idea. The Lunar Chronicles however, being an admirer of SciFi stories, captured me. The books began with Cinder's story, later on Scarlet (Red Riding Hood) and then Cress (Sleeping Beauty). Winter (Snow White) is the last book of the series with a massive 800 pages (small fonts as well if you compare it to the other books and YA.)

This is an attempt to write a novel review on this book without spoiling the amazing storylines.
What I loved about this book is that it indeed felt like reading a typical series in TV with all the characters involved and all well developed. My favorite couple was and always would be Cress and Thorne. My least favorite, Scarlet and Wolf for some reason. I always looked forward to when Throne finally declared his love to Cress and I loved how each character did this in their own way fitting their personality, including stubborn Cinder, though I was never a fan of Kai and Cinder's romance plot.

The story was constantly moving forward, there was no pause, no resting page. They needed to move and needed to survive. Some of the event of course made me sad, but for most I was cheering on them the whole time. The end was very predictable as we all knew Marissa would give us a happy ending, dam her if she didn't, but she did and that was very satisfying. I was not interested in the ending, I knew how the ending would go, I was interested in the journey.

I read this book very slow, though I could have finished it in a couple of days, I decided to enjoy it and savour it without rushing in. Though I claim guilty for doing so at the end as I knew all that was coming and just wanted to see the resolution of my favorite couple. I am sad that I will not do a full series review, due to my lack of will in the matter, but I highly recommend it to all fairytale / SciFi fans. If you like the sort of anime which revolves around strong female characters and to die for male leads who are still real and imperfect, charming and funny, you will love this. It did kind of felt like reading a shoujo manga. I will miss them dearly, I do not re-read books so I doubt I will come back to them. Maybe in 10 years.

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