NaNo-failures and Life's Surprises

After another unsuccesful year at NaNoWriMo I am back to reading.

It is not that I have failed, as I do continue to work on my NaNo-novel, but that I was halted on my journey due to various life circumstances. Allow me to elaborate.

1. During the first week my apartment was broken into. I came home to find myself crying at the front door about the event on the phone. I am recovered from the shock as I do consider myself quite a brave human being. It was very stressful but I was thankfully supported by those around me.

2. Around mid-way through the month I got a seasonal flu. Quite a nasty one at that. I spent days unable to sleep due to the congestion and coughing. I even found myself sleeping on the nice warm carpet of the living room as to not disturb my love one. Thankfully, I am now recovering. However, those nights left me quite out of energy, malnourished and sleepy to even spend some thoughts on words, books or the internet. It was me, the couch, liters of tea and rolls of toilet paper.

3. Now the last and third reason is quite uplifting as I got indeed a job promotion. Which means my head is spinning around in excitement as I was aiming at this for a year and my expectation was to reach in in yet half a year more. But the universe works in mysterious magical ways and the timing could not be better. Unable to focus on anything else but the expectation, I halted my NaNo-project.

So I decided to throw in the towel and sit on the couch with a warm cup of tea and Winter byMa Meyer. (Not in the picture as I am saving my beautiful shot of the book for the review.)

Soon my days will be filled with daily commutes, meaning more books to read. So expect my activity on the online media to increase in the next year. Or so I aim to. In the meanwhile, I retire to write further my novel as I do intend to reach the 50,000 words even if after december. And to read my precious TBR pile under a warm blanket.

I am considering whether to pursue a reading goal next year,  since I will be on a train an hour a day, five days a week. Perhaps I should really attempt 50 as I always keep myself on 30 - 35 books per year.

Did you attempted NaNoWriMo? Are you achieving your goal?

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