Peculiar Peculiarities

I can not phantom the reasons to the abandonment of my art form. But after reading through my words I am awed and inspired and I wish to continue. You could say the main reason for this lies on November and NaNoWriMo. In which case you could stand correct. But it also lies on the fact that I have not written with purpose in a long time. I have been consumed in the study of human interaction. Going out of my way to show my interest to belong. An interest forged on valid grounds, but twisted, as I attempt to do so remaining true to my peculiar peculiarities. Just yesterday I was going on about my duties singing in incomprehensible Korean to my music. Many times I was reaching to stop and continue with more “popular options” from when I got many compliments on my taste of such popular music. I always answered with all honesty, “it’s just a random uplifting Spotify playlist to help me work.” My actual choices are anything but deserving of compliments, except for one “that’s different.”

"I like when I don’t have to be careful what I say. That’s when you know you’re with the right people."

In any case, yesterday I choose, as a daring exercise, to leave it constantly playing, my strange foreign music. Even as I leave my spot. Not a word was muttered about it, certainly behind my backs. But this was the challenge, if they are starting to like who I truly am, they will also like those peculiar peculiarities that set me apart. And thus, this writing included. I began this blog eons ago to increase my writer’s thoughts and words. To express the way my soul desires the most. With beautiful flowing words which just escape my brain cells on their own accord, without permission, without hesitation. This is me, and these are my words.

she writes