The Waking Engine by David Edison

A book review

There is a beautiful madness in this book.

Cooper is a fat gay New Yorker who wakes up somehow in the City Unspoken, a city where mortals and gods come to die. A concept which will leave you amazed once you grasp the meaning of it. The plot is difficult to understand if you are of the impatient kind. But once you do you will feel the need to continue.

“What's afterlife?" Asher asked, sincerely, indicating a trio of passing shoppers laden with brightly colored bags, who turned up their noses. "There's only life.” 

The end of death is coming and everyone will drown in their own madness. The true plot here is a deeper one on life and death, the way each character face this and their immortality. This leads us to complex characters from which even those appearing in one mere scene have you wishing to know
more about them. The phase is constant and the views constantly change. Much like movie scenes.

I truly enjoyed this book. Is my kind of book and I am certain it is not everyone's kind. It is not a mainstream read, nor is it meant for you to connect on a personal level to anyone but the worlds. But these kind of stories are what I consider forsaken and underestimated jewels. I never marked a book so much with so many flags and sticky notes. I would not have minded if it was 600 pages long.

she writes