The Body Electric by Beth Revis

A book review

Ella lost her father and is losing her mother. Both brilliant scientists. She works at a research facility where therapy is provided through the induction of dreams where they relive their favorite memories. Ella however is able to enter their dreams which allows her to spy on those dreaming

I have to say the plot was not what I was expecting. It has nothing to do with dreams. Everything to do with electric bodies and memories, hence the title. I should have seen that one coming. It is a very simple novel filled with action and some intrigue. Though a bit predictable once you get into it. I did saw the big revelations coming pages in advance. It started slow for me, then it picked up.

The characters were as simple as the story line. I did not really connect to any of them. They were perfect cookie cut heroes. But the mystery of themselves kept me reading. The relationship between Jack and Ella was quite real though, simple young intense love gone wrong.

It was not what I expected and I found myself skimming a lot of over detailed scenes. It did not felt I was reading Beth Revis. Though Jack and Ella were a lot like Amy and Elder in the Across the Universe series. Hence my cookie cutter feeling. I was excited at some points and disappointed in most. It was a quick read. But if you expect something as amazing as Across the Universe, then skip. It won't be. If you still like her stories, go ahead, it is an interesting story. Just lacking on the  emotional side for me. I do like how she touch on the humanity concept.

“If I can only see him in madness, is it worth trying to hold onto sanity?” 

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