Reading Journal: April 2015

APRIL 2015

Holidays in NYC at the citizenM Hotel :D

If you follow me on twitter, you probably noticed I am a citizenM Ambassador. I love my hotel and take pride in our brand. This year, as part of my attempt to visit my family in the US once a year, I decided to stop by at our New York Timesquare hotel for 4 nights. It was a very very short trip for such a big city. Even though I am used to walking about 10 hours a day for almost 3 years now, walking this city was a bit tougher than I expected. I haven't felt my legs that heavy since the first week I was ever working for on another hotel as housekeeper.

The days were warm and sunny and too lovely to just find indoor activities. So we explored the city like no tomorrow. Bridges, boats, buildings, Timesquare, Broadway. The only indoor activity we did was go see Doctor Zhivago in Broadway. I felt I was in a dream, like a little child finally seeing a musical for the first time. Because it was after all, my first time in a musical. Thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who appreciates arts as much as I do, so I finally had someone to go with. We loved it so much! (I even shed a tear at the end, mainly because it was over :( booh! ) I don't think I'll go back in a long time, but next time I am definitely stopping by at the National History Museum!

What I read:

I bought Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard at the airport just before departure. I read half in the plane and half once I got to Chicago to see my family. No reading time while exploring New York baby!

After reading the Red Queen (review coming this Saturday) I moved onto my e-reader to pick up finally Body Electric by Beth Revis. I was in the mood for something easy and fun... yea. You can read my review on that one here. Afterwards I began reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel on the plane back home. What an amazing book! I am going to type my review as soon as I post this up!

What I watched:

Grey's Anatomy: I am not satisfied with the plot twist of Shepherd. I felt a lot was missing emotion-wise. Just monologues? It felt empty, rushed and pointless. It would have been better if they just divorced.

Shine or Go Crazy (Kdrama): The ending of the drama was fitting, though sad and unsatisfying as well. But I would not have imagined Yool confined to the walls of a palace as the second bride. When they reunite soul-mates in the afterlife I feel sad, it is romantic, but very sad.

Who Are you? School 2015 (Kdrama): This drama just started and I am loooooving the mistery, the intrigued and all the plot twists. I believe Eun-Byeol has been the one taking care of Eun-Bi and this is the reason for all the trouble as she has been doing it in secret. The sweater was a nice detail touch. This is why I love kdramas, such good writers! (Until they always mess up the endings). Looking forward to next week's episodes!

What's next?

I need to finish reading Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers first. After I do that I read what I bought yesterday, Mosquitoland and Jackaby... both which I was planning on reading next year. But they were laying there, last few copies, so beautiful... they cost more than what I usually spend per book... but I wanted them so bad! I am also expecting to receive The Waking Engine somewhere next week from and afterwards Magonia... ugh. I don't think I will manage to read that many but we will see.

How was your April?

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