The Art of Floating by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥○○

Why I read this

I added this book on my list last year after it's launch. However it was never prioritized. Not a very hyped book but back then it had a higher Goodreads score than now. The plot seemed interesting. It had a magical realism touch to it which is one of my favorite genres. Once I started to order at the Book Depository I saw that it was reduced in price so I decided to buy it.

My Thoughts

The book has a good start. Sia is at the beach and finds a silent, lost, beautiful man. My eyes rolled at the whole "gorgeously godlike face" description. "Here we go again," I thought. One of those annoying teenager angst where the male lead is the most beautiful man in the universe. Thankfully, this was not so. Sia looses a man and finds a man. It's a story on healing and dealing with sorrow. As you read you feel the silent man's pain and feel sorry for him. Even more when you learn the truth. The prose is gentle as a summer breeze just like the cover says. It has very short chapters and some reasonably long ones. But never was it a struggle. It takes you back and forth into 3 periods of Sia's life. Before the loss, during the loss and the present, after the loss. The style is so playful that you don't really get bored. Also the setting is that of a very quaint town, with unique characters. This book can be thoroughly analyze but that would incur in spoilers, so I won't.

Final Thoughts

I've always been a fan of these kind of books about the journey of healing, small towns and a hint of magic. I am a fan of Sarah Addison Allen and this book reminds me of those kind of stories. I am definitely going to read more of Kristin Bair O'Keeffe. If you are a fan of such writers, it is worth the read. If you are more into action and angst then skip it. Three of five stars because though it was enjoyable, I do not consider it memorable.

Reading Progress: February 26 - March 03, 2015

This is a book I needed to read in silence, it has a lot of feelings but only if you focus on each word. Also had me sad for a bit and clingy to my boyfriend at the sad thought of him disappearing like that.

"It was his secret. We all have secrets you know."

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