The Archived by Victoria Schwab

A book review

Oh The Archived. I've waited so long to read you and you were... ok. What can I say, it was an action pack novel. Very good concept on death and dimensions. As well as a good end twist for the bad guys. Mac didn't really grow into me, neither did Wes. I kind of went sympathetic with Owen. But the truth is there was not much to this novel for me.

I don't know if I am outgrowing these simple YA novels or not. But it was not as exiting as I expected it to be. It is not a bad book at all. Quite the contrary if you are into YA all the way. But it lacks feeling and it is slow, very slow. I even read it slow... one day, 2 days break and then finish it in another day. I could have done it in one day but it was a bit too much in the end. It kind of reminded me of the movie The Adjustment Bureau, which I did enjoyed very much. More than the book sadly.

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