Tea Time: On Reading Goals

On reading Goals

Every new year we start a reading challenge in Goodreads, as well as multiple blog challenges. I rather stick to one. But considering how challenges create some pressure on reading, they can be frustrating. Though I am following a Goodreads challenge at the moment, I decided not to take it seriously, as I have a goal set which you can read on my new year's post here. However, I do follow some weekly goals from time to time. Here they are:

My reading goals:

  1. Read 70 pages per day: this can vary depending on how busy I am. But I try to compensate on days that I do not work. Like if I only manage 30 pages one day, I make sure I read about 100 pages on a day off.
  2. Read 2 - 3 books every month: this can also vary depending on the length and complexity of the book. If I read a monster book like Outlander which was over 800 pages, I count it as 2. If I read a novella, then I try to read 2 to count as one.
  3. Read 35 books this year: I already stated I do not take this challenge seriously, but it does allow me to keep track of how many books a month I am reading. If I am on track it means I can read that book that week. If I am ahead, then it means I can take a break for a few days from reading so I can focus on something else.
  4. Bonus goal: read one classic every year: this is a bonus, as I might read more than one, but with so many good books coming out, I had to force myself to read at least one classic per year or I will never even pick them up. This would be sad, because they are actually good books.

So tell me:

What are your reading goals?
How do you decide on them?What do you think of Goodreads challenges?

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