Reading journal: March 2015

MARCH 2015

Oh March. A reading slump month inspired by George Orwell's 1984.I tried to read it, it was OK, but not engaging. It was as some reviews said, a sort of essay novel. Mostly written as a narration of what our main character experience, which is not much in the first 100 pages. So after 2 weeks of reading one page at a time I decided to put it on hold and go on to read again books I love.


This month I took a break from blogging almost every day. Mainly because of social duties and work. I am still kind of busy but at least I can write my reviews when I finish a book. I was mentally and physically drained in the past two weeks.

The next two week will also be slow on blogging due to Easter and also I will be going to the USA for 2 weeks on family visit so I won't have access to my precious computer. I will work on posts if I have time to publish after I return. I do need to pick what to read when I go.

What I read:

I finished The Art of Floating by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe and reviewed it with 3 out of 5 stars because it was interesting but not memorable (I still dream about Outlander, beat that). I also read The Archived by Victoria Schwab which I enjoyed though it was quite slow and reminded me a lot of another movie.  I did not find it awesome. And finally I finished with Auracle by Gina Rosati which I enjoyed because of sweet Rei and the astral projection concept. If it was not for those 2 thing I would have not. As I did not like Anna, nor Taylor. Taylor was just too unrealistic for a teenage girl.

What I watched:

Grey's Anatomy: YES! I knew it! (this is my spoiler free comment).
Shine or Go Crazy (Kdrama): They extended the 20 episodes to 24, which is awesome though the story was politically speaking prolonged, now they cut to the cheese and we have the final love battle. 
Fate/Zero: finished the Anime with my boyfriend and it was just weird weird weird. Specially the end. But I just found out there is a second seasons of it call Fate/Stay which we will be watching as it takes on from the orphaned children at the end of Fate/Zero.
K-Project: another weird Anime but we are enjoying it. Specially when the amnesia theme was introduced as it made it more intriguing. Is he good or evil? (main character) So far things point towards good. Though it would not surprise me if he's evil in the end as weird Anime twist like that all the time.

What's next?

Currently started reading Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and I have to say, much much much better than the first book! I am also attempting to read a book in dutch but I make no promises. And I might read The Secret Garden (classic) as well as continuing Cloud Atlas during my holidays. But this is still a work in progress as I need to pick 2 books to read while I'm away.

I will be visiting both New York and Chicago. New York because one of our hotels opened there not long ago so I get to stay for free for 4 nights! Keep an eye for a quick picture journal collage when I come back! And Chicago to visit my family, especially my little niece. Can't wait!

How was your month?

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