Monthly Recap (February)

The month of February flew away. Understandable considering is a short month. But still, for me January dragged longer than this month.

This month I’ve been dedicating myself to raising readership as well as content in this blog. Directing it towards a book blog. In the past I’ve been mixing a bit of everything but now I wish to turn this blog into purely bookish. I played around with sections, coming up with those that serve my purpose. (To talk about books I love). Right now it’s meant for book reviews, TBR books, monthly recap, goals as well as the Top 10 Tuesday meme of Broke and Bookish. I organized my book list and I am aiming at reviewing every book I read even if it’s only 150 words.

I also began visiting and choosing those blogs that I like most and become more active in commenting. Finding some that are very entertaining and feeling more connected to the book and blogging community.

These are the blogs I've been recently visiting:

I finished Outlander and Lord of the Rings: the fellowship of the ring, as part of this year’s challenge to read all 3 books. Both books are now reviewed. Though I know it is kind of pointless sometimes to review old hyped-out books, I still want to try to review all books I read.

I am taking my time with LOTR, as I do have the whole year to read them. After the first book, I probably read 2 or 3 of my own and then read the second around summer. So far, it is looking better than when I tried 4 years ago and could not stand it. Perhaps it is my increase in reading that is helping or the fact that I took on the Hobbit first and the beginning of this one now makes sense. But I have to admit, I enjoyed reading it except for the usual "walk, sleep, eat, repeat" formula on pages and pages as with The Hobbit.

And *drum rolls* I got Fairest by Marissa Meyer on the mail! I pre-ordered with a Secret Santa book gift card months ago. Unfortunately in the Netherlands the lunching date was later than the rest, so I had to wait for a while longer. I was not happy when I saw the release date was extended. It got here, and in 2.5 hours I finished it. Here is the review. But *squeeek!!!* I am dying to read Winter's excerpt on the back. It is 3 chapters long, so I will wait a bit in order to evade being tortured because I have to wait until November for it. I am going to start with The Art of Floating and be done probably in about 5 days.

I also ordered three books this month from the Book Depository. I will write about them in my TBR features. :) They arrived with a beautiful bookmark by Andrea K├╝rti and all 3 are in my 2015 reading list.

Shine or Go Crazy

I watch a lot of Korean drama since I was 13 I guess. Right now I've been watching Shine or Go Crazy. It’s about the story of a curse prince and two princesses of light. The plot is very magical and exiting. My heart race in some instances where tension rise. I laugh also a lot watching it, and even squeak of excitement with the romantic plot. 

Akatsuki no Yona

I’ve also been enjoying watching Akatsuki no Yona with my boyfriend. We basically saw all episodes aired up to now in 3 afternoons. The anime is about a princess who looses her family and home, but now set into a quest to gather the 4 dragons to save her kingdom. It’ a romantic, adventure and comedy anime. And so far very enjoyable, though at the beginning we were a bit skeptic. I am growing fond of some of the characters. It looks a lot like Fushigi Yuugi, an old anime I watched, which end up tragically and I remember being very very upset at the end of it. Here is to hoping that this one doesn’t end up the same way.

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