Auracle by Gina Rosati

A book review

I got this book a while ago and didn't read it until now. One of those reading slumps where you just need a break before reading again. Once I started it though I was done in 2 sittings. It was nothing over the top but it was very enjoyable. The characters were interesting, though I would have done a bit more of realistic reaction to when Taylor found herself in Anna's body. It was as if it was the most normal thing in the world while it wasn't. Other than that, I adored Rei and how he cared for Anna. I adored their soul mate relationship. It was so sweet and adorable.

As for the plot, it's about time more metaphysics YA fiction comes out. It is always about ghosts and vampires and what not and I am bored with those. Astral projection is one of those things I firmly believe in and I can admit I've done it too. Though not so skillful as Anna, and would like to learn to do it so. But otherwise, a fan of the subject.

I rated it 4/5 stars because I enjoyed it very much. It was not boring, not tiring and it was a perfect example of love grown from friendship. Plus it treated the metaphysical concepts quite well.

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