Top 10 tuesday (Week 8/2015)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
top 10 bookish problems

I love this list. Specially because I have been collecting these:

1. It is always hard to explain how when you read a great book, the story is impregnated in your memory as if it was a real deal. It’s a psychological thing, but yet, not many understand. For you, they were real, and when they die, they are dead and you are sad. And you miss them and you miss the world and whatever strange creature made your day.

2. Not really dreaming about them. But when you wake up and realize you didn’t. And you wonder…. did it really meant that much to me? Why didn’t I dreamed with them? Where are they? I miss them and I want to dream about them. The other scenario is getting tired of dreaming about them.

3. This is one is so bad. Every since the author of the Dune saga died, I’ve been disappointed and fearful it will happen again. Specially since with Dune, his sons took on to finish the series but for me they were just messing it up and I gave up… I never finished the series. :(

4. With just a few chapters left… just let me finish. It's specially hard when you wish to spend your day off reading your book but people are inviting you to go out. Then I have to schedule my reading time.

5. Happened with a couple of them… some I finished. Some I didn’t. :)

6. At work they know I love books. I could come up with any reference to any book in a conversation. Followed by an awkward silence and just a “that’s gooooood”. It’s actually always funny. But now I try to measure how much I refer to as the conversations are dead soon after.


7. One word: WINTER. *Sigh* Almost there… almost there…

8. Specially trying to convince myself that I read a massive book worth 3… so I should not feel so bad. Yet… it is one book and only one and I feel I’m behind my reading now. To make up for it I take 2 short ones right after.

9. I actually did… I paid extra for one full big bag before I moved to the Netherlands in order to carry my books and journals. I still had to leave some behind and I still regret it sometimes (*sniff* Harry Potter)

10. Sometimes it’s a race to actually finish the one I have before I travel. Specially in holidays, so I can read the next one in the journey and not have two or so… the e-reader helps. Not when you forget to load it with a next book or none of the books you have appeal you right then. It actually makes me sad. Even sadder if I forget to charge it and I end up in a train or plane with nothing but the soft cover to read… which I don’t feel like reading and have no idea why I got it.

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