To be read: The Body Electric

The Body Electric

Beth Revis

Published October 6th 2014 by Scripturient Books
3.81 of 5 stars at Goodreads
Ella Shepherd discovers that she has the ability to alter other people's memories, but soon learns that she may have been a victim of memory alteration herself as she seeks to uncover the mystery surrounding the technology.
Last year I was dragged breathless into Beth Revis' world with the Across the Universe series. I read them all one after the other, non-stop, leaving me craving for more. I loved and lived every page, every word. I still miss Amy and Elder. When I saw she wrote a new book I decided I want to also read it. Hoping to get those same feelings and trills I got with the previous series.

Mostly it was the fact that it talks about dreams and memories (my favorite subjects to philosophize about). It does have the political aspect that was ever present in Across the Universe. I do wonder how will romance play a part here as we don't know if it's real or not. Though for once, I would like to have a book where romance is not the center, but the ambition and will of the main character to live.

The cover is very different from her previous book. The reviews are a bit mix. But mostly positive. I am very weary when Goodreads scores are bellow 3.8 and this one is just on the border line. I do wonder if I will enjoy it. But the score is good enough for me to try it. Also, according to one review I skimmed, they do mention Godspeed (Across the Universe’s ship). I do wonder if it's the same universe before or after the ship was set to the stars. After all, they did manage to contact Earth in the final book, so this means it is sort of a futuristic civilization. Careful, I am just speculating here my thoughts on it. This got me very very curious and I can’t wait to read it!
This is why Beth Revis', "The Body Electric", is in my To Be Read list.

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