Tea Time: On finding time to read

How do you make time to read?

I have to say I find myself in a luxury position at the moment. I have a job that runs in shifts. Allowing me an hour for myself after a morning shift to read or many hours before work if I have an evening shift. This said, I can read at least an hour a day without problems unless I am sucked into a game or a new episode of a series I am watching. However, I know this won't always be the case and I am already prepared with a contingency plan for when I lack the time.

Reading sprints

  1. 10 minutes to spare: I will set the timer for 8 minutes and read as much as I can.
  2. Long journeys: Make a goal to read at least 75% of it.
  3. Cooking time with oven: Reading time! If I have to wait for the oven to be done in 30 minutes I grab a chair and read next to the kitchen. (I already do this.)
  4. Bed time: Set my alarm at 15 minutes and read before sleep. I can afford 15 minutes. Everyone can.
  5. Time out: if I am done with some shores I always reward myself with a 10 minutes break to read a few pages and drink some tea.

And so, even though this might reduce my number of books per month, I will still be able to find some time for what I love.

How do you find time to read?

Share your tips with me, I want to know!

she writes