Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥♥♥

Why I read this

I have always been a fan of Time Travel stories. Not so much of pure romance and even less highlander romance. However, I had to know what all the fuss was about with Outlander. Specially when I read the negative comments on rape and abusive scenes. As the book didn’t look like it to me. But it was so good to be adapted with an 8.8 rating in IMDb. So I gave it a try.

My Thoughts

The writing was great from the beginning. And as expected, the sexual content started right away. Though not so crude as later. So I was like, sure, this is all right. Further on what got me was the historical background. The talk about Gaelic myths got me interested as I love those kind of stories. And the dialog was very realistic with imagery that made me feel I was watching a movie.

Claire is strong and independent from the start and this remained so through the story. Jamie began to be introduced little by little as the narrator is Claire and her mind was not on him just yet. Which made it all the more interesting. The romance took a slow but sure turn.

The plot was introduced fast enough, evolving as the story went. And the romance did as well. Hand in hand. I think this is what kept me reading regardless of the crudity of the novel. The sex scenes were delicate until a certain point, one very nasty rough scene. I still wonder why the author chose that scene to be written in detail in comparison to all the sweet ones. The intensity of emotions, perhaps? In any case, after an awkward pause from that point, I kept on reading. And it got so good! The action was non-stop. The character interaction was hilarious, tender, brutal and all the emotional trills you can think of.

I know most female readers are like “I want a Jamie!” Even though he has high moral and is all gallant and brave and soft at the same time…

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this book through and through. For a first book in a long series, it is anything but introductory. It has everything it has to have to be a stand alone. Loved that!

As for the opinions of many out there, it is not a book for everybody. You have to be open minded to read it. Put yourself in the character’s shoes, the historical context. Yes it is crude, yes it is bloody and sexual and cruel. That was part of the time and place. A tremendously done job by the author, I must say. But it is also a rewarding and emotionally strong read. If you can’t handle heavy reading, this is not for you. Even when I could I was flinching my face every few seconds reaching the end because of how sorry I was for them. At the end, a great sense of relieve and expectation for what comes next.

I doubt I will get on to book 2 anytime soon. As I have many other books in line and after those 850 pages I really want shorter reads now. Anything 500 pages or less. But I might read the rest of the books. I am intrigued on how they will cope with the chaos approaching the Highlands and their children.

Reading Progress: January 25, 2015 – February 16, 2015

It took me well into two weeks for various reasons. The days I would not touch it would be mainly because of seasonal headaches. But once I got to the last parts I just finished the whole thing.

“But just then, for that fraction of time, it seems as though all things are possible. You can look across the limitations of your own life, and see that they are really nothing. In that moment when time stops, it is as though you know you could undertake any venture, complete it and come back to yourself, to find the world unchanged, and everything just as you left it a moment before. And it's as though knowing that everything is possible, suddenly nothing is necessary.”
― Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

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