My favorite drink: Tea

Everyone has a favorite drink, a favorite snack or place when it comes to reading. I love coffee but it is not my favorite drink when it comes to reading. Coffee stimulates me instead of relaxing me. Though it does provide with focus for those difficult long reads, I rather find myself cozy by the corner of my couch, with a blanket over my legs, my book and a hot 1/2 liter beer mug of fresh tea. Yes, a beer mug. It's 1/2 a litter, retains the temperature longer and it's nice and firm compared to normal cups, so I am less prone to let it tumble down over my precious book… or new couch.

I am always searching for new fusions of teas. My favorite at the moment being simple vanilla and green tea, as well as green tea with mandarin and cinnamon. The freshness in them make me ready to day dream away with my books and enjoy a luxurious moment for myself. Every time I do, I am consciously grateful of every sip, as I know it is a commodity not many can enjoy.

My favorite drink while reading, tea.

My favorite tea at the moment, vanilla green tea in my 1/2 little beer mug, warm enough to make me take slow sips per paragraph.

What is your favorite drink to take when you start up your reading time?

she writes