Fairest by Marissa Meyer

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥♥♥

Why I read this

I've never been a fan of pre-sequels. I always felt it was like a step back in the story and not needed. In Levena's case, I was intrigued as to why she hide herself and her obsession with Kai. As well as why she kept Winter rather than also had her kill. So I pre-ordered this book and waited and waited.

My Thoughts

This was shorter than expected. I finished it in two hours, which considering how spaced the letters are, it was not that hard. It almost felt like watching a movie. Vibrant characters. And feeling sorry and annoyed at Levana at the same time. Mission accomplished Meyer, mission accomplished. We get to see Winter's relation to Levana and Cinder. We get to understand many things and Levana's obsession with being loved. I have to say, it almost felt like reading a short story rather than a book. I was mostly surprised at who was Cinder's mother. I guess they were all products of their environment. I could talk so much about Cinder turning up the way she did in relation to Levana and her mother. But that will be spoiling everything.

Final Thoughts

The book is more of a psychological insight at the series' great villain as to why she does what she does and what she did. As well as why Winter lives and Cinder is left to die. I am sure these won't be discussed in Winter's long finale. So I do advice fans of the series to read it. A mere 220 pages long. And I have to say, I enjoyed as much as I have enjoy the series so far. Again, reading it was almost like watching a movie and it drags you in like one.

Reading Progress: Read in under 2.5 hours on February 26, 2015

"Levana was a statue. A girl carved of regolith and dust."

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