Book Connections

I became an avid reader in 2001 when I discovered the world of Harry Potter. This, as a result of having recent access to the internet and online ordering through the old SFBC website (science fiction book club). These books were adventurous and exiting and I lived every moment with the same intensity as I live my dreams at night. However, I came to know about how books connect to the reader when I read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

This book was different from those adventure fantasy books I was reading. It was drama, paranormal and thriller. I lived every moment and cried every tear with Suzy's character. I found myself in the car towards school trying not to cry as I read her words for her father. This was the moment I felt truly connected to a book at the emotional level. Ever since, I kept searching for books that create these connections, finding a lot of them along the way. And in a way, these are the books that inspire me to write. To create a connection with readers. To touch with words and reach the imagination of millions through worlds.

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