Reading Journal (one)

So here I am again. This new year I have decided on a couple of goals, including reading goals. I am not doing the goodreads challenge after all. The reason being, I want to focus my energy on the books that are coming out and to finishing the LOTR trilogy. I started with the Hobbit, as an introduction to the world of Tolkien. However, here I am struggling on the last few pages.

My thought so far on the Hobbit:

A well written adventure story for boys.

Yup. That is my thought. Yes, it has funny moments. Yes, is very descriptive. And yes, the language use is outstanding. But, so far is not my cup of tea. It lacks on sentiments which I love from characters who have inner struggles, however Bilbo struggles so much to find the adventure in him. At some point it’s all about the action and nothing about introspection. I find myself quick reading scenes. Is like this book really took to heart the writing tip (not rule): “show, not tell.”

I won’t be writing a review, as there is no point on it. I have enjoyed some parts and some not. I am looking forward however to the LOTR, as I know the character complexity deepens in these books since they are meant for a more matured audience.

On other books:

I received Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and I am looking forward to reading it. I know it is very much a hot fantasy romance. But I can’t judge much on how I will like it since I haven’t really read anything on the gender. However, the premise of a time traveler woman having to survive in the past and having a hot romance with an amazing man she knows she will have to leave if she wishes to go back, reminds me of plenty of time traveling K-dramas (though those tend to be more innocent). I am hoping to like it and if I do, I am going to get the rest of the series. So that will be my book to read after The Hobbit. After which will follow the first LOTR book.

So that’s it for now. This reading journal will be a monthly post this year as I do not aim to read a book per week. If I do, hurray! If I don’t, at least I want to finish those I start *cough* cloudatlas *cough*.

In goodreads you can find my 2015 reading list for books I am planning to read this year. Which apparently is already at 40… ugh. Then again there are a few books I am pretty sure I will finish within 2 days. So maybe I manage.

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