My favorites: Today

This section is about all those things I love in life.


Life is often defined by the greatness in extraordinary moments. Which often leads to disappointment when one's life is filled with 'ordinary' ones. But the truth is, life is anything but ordinary. Every day counts, in the small moments is where we find the richness of life.

I sit by the couch reading my books. There is nothing wrong in my world and all is in balance. I have my warm clothes, my hot tea, my soft pillow. Far from the perfect recipe for extraordinary situations. And yet, at that moment, that is my favorite moment. That day, is my favorite day. Because in that moment I am enjoying life in all the peacefulness it comes. Something that more than half of the world can't say. And because of those who do not know peace, I enjoy each second I have to wait in line, each minute I wait for my order to arrive or the appointment to start. As each minute of peace counts. Each minute of wait is a minute to read. And because I need to wait for something or someone, I am grateful, as I am lucky. Unlike those who can not wait, as each minute for them is one of life and death. For me, is just another page.

My favorite day: Today

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