NaNoWriMo Day6

This will be a shorter update.
I have written 1,113 words today in 30 minutes.
I have not yet reached today’s 10,000 words. Reason being I’ve spent the last few days browsing and doing mental planning for our new house. Today we go floor hunting! In any case, I’ve only gotten 30 minutes of concentration each day which means I am getting behind by about 700 words each day, which I will need to recover.
I have written the disaster scene and now on to the “New World!” stage of plotting… kind of. This part was not planned, but it made sense to give in some transition and add some extra characters to my short short list. Now, it does mean I have to do some quick character brainstorming to which I have no time to do, hurray!
I am rocking this NaNoWriMo!

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