Excerpt from Luminescent

I am finally coming around with a proper structure for this story. So in order to get myself back in track and inspired, I decided to share this little piece with you. It might turn into a set of multiple novellas instead of one full long novel. I think it would be more fun this way and less pressuring on me.

Oono watched her play. She was alone, as always. It has been months since he last saw her. Her wound healed, but a reminder was left whenever she pulled her hair away. He wished he could do something for her. But all he could do was watch. She looked up at him and smile. How can she be so brave? She had nothing, not even herself. She had to pretend to be just like everyone else and it was all his fault. He kneeled beside her and she showed him her toy. A simple doll made out of wheat and old rugs. An apology. Every time he saw her, he wanted to say he was sorry. But time had no meaning between them and seeing her was never enough.
This was the sixth time he saw her since he returned her. She grew fast in his eyes. Every time could be the last he would see her as a child. His only wish was to see her still alive. He reached to touch her hair, her messy curls always made her look like an abandoned broken doll in need of care. She stared at him with her wide brown eyes, probably trying to make up his face. She couldn't see it, she told him once. He never spoke to her, maybe she could hear him, but he didn't wanted to try. This was as much as he could do to repay her, watch her and make sure she was all right.
Before his fingers reached her hair, he found himself back on his bed.


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