Updates and NaNoWriMo

In this long delayed post: NaNoWriMo, what I use, Civilization Beyond Earth, what I am reading and personal news!
In 4 days NaNoWriMo starts. My outline is almost complete at 3,000 words. My goals is at least 3,500 for a very very rough outline without even names. I have some name choosing and research to do. Though I know most of the story by heart. I am very satisfied with how my plot is developing and the fact that what I wrote 3 years ago turned into a much longer and deeper story.

I am using WriteMonkey for my outline (which I love, seriously what is all the fuss with Scrivener? It’s just a writer in steroids. No offence to those who prefer it though, just getting tired of all the promotion every time I search for NaNoWriMo on google.) I also want to use FocusWriter as main writer since it has more features for nanowrimo, like the daily progress calendar. WriteMonkey does come with features you can use to organize and plan, like a board, but for official writing I like to be able to do more customization. Specially for the parts that I go “(need to look up a better name, this one sucks)” and then being able to color it so I can notice I need to erase it later.

And even though I will barely have any time with the following things on the way… I’ve also been preparing to receive keys to my new apartment in less than 2 weeks. We can’t wait! Here is how beautiful the place I will live in is.

Also, I did not know a new game of Civilization was coming out until the next day it did. My boyfriend told me about it and even warned me, “are you sure you want to buy it? It means no NaNoWriMo.” Which in a way is true, the game is one of my favorite and so addicting! I was planning on buying the Civilization V collection but after a couple of review videos on Beyond Earth I just had to have it. The complexity of it is like Civilization V was just a sandbox edition where all they did right and all they did wrong served as lessons to create this kick ass version of the game. Unless you are not a SciFi fan and more into history, then you will hate it. But this is a smart game and I love smart games.

So I went that same day to the store and got it (yes, it was cheaper offline). However I love this game along with the other 3 I still play (OSU!, Sims4 & TERA Online), I will still attempt NaNoWriMo!

PS: I almost done with the Precious Stones Trilogy! Just randomly picked it up and kept reading. Hopefully I finish it before NaNoWriMo as I plan to use commute time for writing on my iPad.

I’ll post something I am preparing on NaNoWriMo tomorrow. :) Until then!

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