After the End by Amy Plum

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥○○

I've been wanting to read this book since it came out but I am the type who randomly choose what, when and where to read a book. I was keeping myself away from YA for a while. But now I began reading a couple to give my brain a rest.

After the End is about Juneau (named after The capital of Alaska). There is a mystery surrounding her clan after it disappears. She begins her journey with the help of the Yara (aka: Gaia) and discover she's been lied about WWIII and the world in general. As the reasons shine light you follow her journey along with Miles (who she is convinced will take her far -come on... Can you leave it at his name's meaning?) in order to rescue her lying clan.

I have to say I was not blown away by the novel as much as I imagined (not expected) with the theme. But it was certainly entertaining at some point. Very fast phased. A bit of magical realism here and there. As well as a strong leader heroine (as much as I hate the cliché lately). Miles was nothing to me... Just an annoying tool for the story.

Will I read he next book? I probably try to start it. But if Miles's character don't evolve I will feel the story a bit more stale that I already did.

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