Know when to give up

… or at least when to pause a book.

This feels like Seraphina all over again. Huge complex book, which is both good and annoyingly descriptive. I really really want to finish The Luminaries, but it was sucking the life and pleasure out of my reading time. So I randomly picked a book on my e-reader and my joy is back.

I started reading After The End by Amy Plum.

Not your literary masterpiece, but it is refreshing. So far it is interesting, though not exiting, and Miles' scenes are becoming a bit annoying. If they were long enough to pass as a normal movie scene then I wouldn't mind so much. But right now I feel it's interrupting me too much. I understand the reason behind him, so we can have a glimpse at what the main character Juneau doesn't know. But still, the interruptions are a bit too much for my reading preferences. I'll write a short review afterwards.

I am planning on reading once again a book a week for now, of this sort. Contemporary and easy to follow books, including some YA and magical realism. So back to my regular blogging again. Yay!

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