Reading Journal : Classic accomplishment

It never once occurred me that I would be able to enjoy and laugh at a classic, nor that I would enjoy a romance book. You see, me a romance books do not get along. I see the characters rushing stupid and without senses and I just throw the book against the wall. So I gave up reading romance.

Little did I know that such a book like Pride and Prejudice contains the only kind of romantic story I find tolerable. Though the reason I didn’t read it was mainly due to the difficulty of the English style. But once you read a book a week for 6 months, having your reading skills increased, can become a guilty pleasure from which I am most proud of. I know some people are around the notion of “what kind of crap is this book?”, “how did this became a classic?”, “what is wrong with these women?” But they forget this book was written in 1813, for it’s time it was quite modern, the notion of marrying for love. One of those type of fairytales but without all the magical realism involved.

At first I was one of those asking such questions. But once I decided to read it with a 1813 mind, it was very very fun. The characters were so alive and diverse and the romance elegant, subtle, sweet beyond words and real. I am actually watching the TV mini series of 1995 which so far goes hand in hand with the book, unlike the 2005 one… I mean… a kiss scene? I never found one in the book, not even a hug, but rather very pleasant conversations expressing feelings in a very melodic way. I feel accomplished as a reader having finally read this classic piece of literature.

After such a long read (11.5 hours with some skimming in Lydia’s case –that part was annoying-) I am now able to take on a Netgalley ARC which I’ve been waiting to read, The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber. I am looking forward to this book, though it is quite long, it has a strange plot and very good reviews so far. Of this one I will be writing a review once I finish it.

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