Life Is

You are what you want your life to be.

The sum of the circumstances, good and bad, and the result of your emotions towards these circumstances. As human beings, we tend to make things more complicated than they really are. We crash and ask why is this happening and why is it so horrible and why is it making us feel like we don't deserve this world and the good things in it. You turn to realize your life is bad. But the truth is, we all have such events, we all have tragic endings leading to new beginnings. If we could only understand that we just need to go through it, push through the emotions that are basic and natural for our survival, and yet unnecessary for our truth.

There comes a point where we realize we are all in the same boat, we are all part of the same soul of life. And I mean not life in the biological sense where you breathe and stop and die and rot. But life in the magnificent wider sense of all that consists of the stars and the cosmos, the flowers and the microbes. Life in all it's splendor, life as it is. When we realize we are not separate but one same flowing stream of energy dancing into countless of shapes that make up the air, the earth, the sun, and water, and how it all connects through our skins, and if we look beyond that which makes all different, we see it is all but the same. Energy. And in this life, there is no death, but a transformation of the spirit and the body, as the body also transforms into the earth and becomes part of the whole, as it always was. And our souls, the energetic form of our thoughts travels somewhere in space and out of time and becomes also part of the whole, and in truth, we never die.

This is when you realize that there are moments that though might not be perfect, will make you feel alive. And when you cross that stretch and look back, you are filled with a sensation of pride, which with the most humble thought becomes part of the whole human experience. This how you transform your tragedies into lessons, fill the absence of love with happiness, smile at nothingness. Like you just got a slap on your head by Life telling you to get a hold of yourself. Worse can happen, and you are all right.

she writes