Friday the 13th

Good luck for me.

Coming from Latin roots where superstition and magical thoughts are ever prevailing, I grew up with some basic knowledge on the tarot and how the card XIII is 'Death'. What I later came to learn, contrary to the popular beliefs of my Latin acquaintances, including my mother and all the generations of the woman before her, was that the "Death" card did not symbolize the end but the beginning, a new stage. So the number 13 eventually gained our dearest fears and yet, in truth, it is but a blessing, as every end has a new beginning. Nothing is perpetual and life is constant.

Thirteen is but completion. Though popular beliefs see twelve as sacred, such as the Last Supper of Christ, truth is, there are twelve disciples, making Christ the 13, the completion in this gathering. For which without, there would be no such event. In Greek mythology, Zeus was also given the number 13 to represent him, also symbolizing completion, power, and realization. In Egypt mythology there are 13 steps on the ladder towards eternity where the souls reach its own completion. We have 13 lunar cycles per year with the moon traveling at 13 degrees across the sky.

Why did we began to fear such a number, a perfect number, about completion and attaining perfection?

Today is Friday the 13th, and this is our luckiest day. Let old stories complete and new adventures begin.

she writes