A change of taste

About how our preferences change with age.

When I began reading books at about 13 years old, I began with Harry Potter. I tried some high Sci-Fi and Fantasy like Dune and Game of Thrones. But decided my English was not yet suitable for such difficult reading. Though I did read all Dunes books and was sad the author died with an unfinished book of the series. I took it after his sons tried to finish it for him, but it lacked his soul. So I did not read it in the end.

After this, I remember reading typical YA book. I always liked back then the adventure and the typical teenage issues addressed in them. Never did I saw myself enjoying massive books and classics. I guess it has to do with how I am approaching my 30s… which is weird. There are still some YA series I do wish to finish. Mainly because they have plots which I can’t find otherwise and I do need some closure. But other that those handful of books, I find myself attracted to literature. The kind that deals with human condition, time, philosophy and life’s unsolved questions. I also decided to venture into classics at least once a month.

The recent time I’ve tried to grab a YA book I’ve notice their repetitive patterns and annoyance with stupid whiny characters. Much like seeing how MTV has copied one show after another with different people, one more annoying than the one before and under different names. So the YA I do read are still based on the same principle of exploring the human condition. But I can’t say the same about Twilight, Divergent or the likes (at least not in an intelligent deep manner).

Once I thought I would keep reading YA even if I am 50, so filled with adventure and energy! But I was wrong, at some point you start to feel their shallowness and how their purpose is mere entertainment. You begin to crave more and start buying books such as “Cloud Atlas", “Winter’s Tale” and even “The Luminaries”.(I should add 1Q86 to that bunch). Massive books filled with wonders and thought provoking literature. Whether it is about life or an unsolved mystery, dreams or reality. ♥

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