Those places in our dreams

Déjà vu:
a : the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time
b : a feeling that one has seen or heard something before

A déjà vu can be many things. Though no reason contains any form of proof. And though it could derive from dreams, it is not certain whether it came from a dream or a thought or something more. My déjà vus are often derived from dreams which I do remember having the next morning, only to find myself years later in the event, preparing my emotional response. This is particularly true with big events in my life. Not to claim any precognitive gift, but this is the way I have live my life till now, through the guidance of my nightly ventures.

But what happens when such occurrences happen inside such dreams. Strange places which you barely remember. New strange places where things went both good and wrong. A house with seven floors and deadly ghosts in the attic which eventually you learn to fight and tame and not fear any longer. A strange city within walls where people move in a definite space above these walls and thousand stories unfolding every time you revisit. A sea filled with possibilities, possibilities you feared but later discover the night you decide to dive in only to be greeted by the most majestic creatures.

And with these dreams lessons are taught, lives are lived, love is found and fears are conquered. You go to sleep and find yourself in familiar places once again, places only in dreams, knowing what is about to happen. A sort of déjà vu inside a dream. And if all of this is possible, who are you to tell me a dream is nothing but a dream

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