The Perfect Cup of Coffee

The perfect cup of coffee is made with the expectancy to start another day. The perfect measurements of what you love. Whether it is sugar, honey or nothing; milk, cream or water. The perfect two spoons of coffee in your favorite morning cup. Followed by the perfect amount of milk (1/3 of the cup) and the perfect spoon of honey. The perfect cup of coffee is first inhaled after completion, followed by a sip sitting by the kitchen table with reading the inspirational email of the day. With soft Sunday morning melodies playing in the background.

The perfect cup of coffee is drank with gratitude, because you are once again awake, in a beautiful day, after a long sleep, waiting for you to finish enjoying that cup to depart on a new adventure. It is not about the coffee or it's effects on your neurological system, but about the act of beginning a day with a thought of gratitude, "this is good coffee."

This way, the day begun just right.

she writes