The Memory of Something New

The smell of the first time you met your lover. The sensation of your mouth exploding the first time you ate something amazing. Our brain triggers the same sensation we experienced then. But then there are those memories which have no sound, no smell, no picture, but an emotion hard to describe. The feeling of something new, a déjà vu. With enough practice you can recall the same emotion, which inspires you to go even further in the exploration of life. The same feeling any child has seeing the beach for the first time, crossing a river, or the first day of school.

That sense of new has a magical feeling in a certain energy that engraves in your brain. Like the first stroke of a master piece. When you recall these memories they seem like a distant dream. And this just makes them even more beautiful and special. You feel grateful for possessing such an experience. The joy of meeting new people and a new place and knowing with certainty, you found the right place and the life before it is a hazy image of what once was there. Like the day I smelled the cold air of winter for the first time.

she writes